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Children's Евровидение-2008.

Past Евровидение-2008 became significant sobitiem for the Georgian trio. Group " Бзикеби " (that means - "Osy") from Georgia has sung a song « Bzz … » which has brought it a victory over a children's Eurovision. The second place has borrowed ukrainka, the third has got to the boy from Lithuania. Konkursant which represented Russia, it has appeared on the seventh place.
Евровидение-2008 Was the sixth under the account annual release. In it to year competition has passed in Limassol.

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Years musical festivals

This summer the set of the international musical festivals on which rest with greater comfort is possible will be spent. Many festivals become the present centers of entertainments. In city where are spent such merroprijatija to the full show business is developed. One of such festivals refers to Lollapalooza, it passes to Chicago, the USA, from August, 1 till August, 3rd. Musical event usually moved on staffs, up to 97 years after that the festival has made a long break up to 2005 and in the new version collects the spectators in the Grant-park.

admin May 27 2008 1:02:58 AM
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Celebratory guljanija in Kiev

25 May kievljane marked day of city. The holiday has gone right on glory, merroprijatija passed in many corners of city. Songs, dances and entertaining competitions have filled city with cheerful laughter and celebratory passion. In the main street of Kiev celebrated, had a rest and children and adults had fun. The African society brightly also has creatively congratulated the townspeople, participants of the celebratory action together studied a rhythm national pesennyh and dancing motives of different people of Africa, played on national tools, tried on ethnic clothes and ornaments, were photographed for memory.

admin May 26 2008 9:33:10 AM
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Games With a Purpose - pleasant with useful

The fine opportunity to connect pleasant with useful was realized with site Gwap - " Games With a Purpose ", that it is possible to translate as Target games. The set of simple computer entertainments which on closer examination appear « not simply games » is offered to users. Their secret that the information entered by users during game, is used for training an artificial intellect. For example classical game " in association " is used by the program for debugging search engines of images.

admin May 26 2008 9:26:18 AM
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The hobby for celebrities sometimes develops into something greater

In the USA the tendency of growth of the people inclined or already amazed " by a syndrome of worship celebrities " is planned. It causes serious fears of scientists which have carried out researches according to which at 10 % of people, the hobby for a life of the well-known people passes to unhealthy interest and develops up to such degree that leads to depression, to sensation of anxiety and a psychosis. The hobby for celebrities is shown at everyone the third, and 1 from 10 - is hopelessly dependent on the information on a private life of the idol. Basically such unhealthy hobbies arise at people who " search for itself " and create to itself an idol.

admin May 26 2008 9:06:12 AM
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In ZHukovskom there will be the largest multipleks

In the situated near Moscow city of Zhukovskom the largest will be constructed scale and, in the Ryazan direction, the shopping center-entertaining, which project while affirms. Besides a hyperbreadboard model with set of shops, in multiplekse numerous vacation spots which to many families of city will provide a small target holiday will settle down. In fact here there will be also an ice skating rink, фуд-court and children's dosugovyj the center and certainly a cinema. It is planned, that already in the beginning of next year the complex will accept the first visitors.

admin May 26 2008 8:56:23 AM
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Samsung Crystal Design - the center of house entertainments

If you are measured to lead the free time in house conditions you will not have a problem with entertainment at a leisure if you the happy owner of house cinema Samsung Electronics Crystal Design. With such technics you easily consider any details in shape of your favourite celebrity or will be ill for your command. That new models became the present center of house entertainments, in them function of a karaoke is stipulated. A disk on 4000 songs and a microphone are delivered in the complete set.

admin May 26 2008 8:48:39 AM
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Hurgada will involve still a lot having a rest

Many our compatriots prefer to have a rest on resorts of Egypt, in particular in Hurgada. Such choice is caused by a comprehensible parity the price-quality. Authorities of city are measured to involve even greater number of tourists, postoriv in the north of city a resort with the highest degree of service in 6 stars, and also the huge center of entertainments " City of a sound and light ". In the center the sound and light shows showing to visitors history of Egypt from ancient pharaons up to the present will be arranged. During representations it is planned to use underwater screens and three-dimensional video which will evidently show, for example, as pyramids were under construction.

admin May 26 2008 8:34:27 AM
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In Moscow will construct the huge entertaining center with an aquapark

Shortly the capital will replenish with one more large shopping center-entertaining. A multipurpose complex a total area 281 thousand kv. The m will construct in Southern administrative district on 19-th kilometer Moscow ring motorways (MKAD). 4 floors of show business will offer visitors interesting and various leisure. Here will where have a rest both to children and adults. In fact the complex will include also a huge modern aquapark. For visitors the 21-storeyed hotel, a level of 3 stars will be constructed. To finish this project developers plan in 2010.

admin May 26 2008 8:20:37 AM
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Group " Ocean Elzy " will give a concert in Minsk

In the future days off in Belarussii will be more than enough entertainments for music fans. Group " Ocean Elzi " will give a concert in Minsk, German Nevada Nan zazhzhet on Sunday in stadium " Dynamo ". Capital clubs in eager rivalry invite to chamber, interesting performances, therefore minchanam will where lead the cultural leisure. Also in the national center of art creativity of children and youth there passes an exhibition of figure of the Estonian children " Paints of the ground 2006-2007 ".

admin May 26 2008 8:06:12 AM
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In Tyumen have bought children's playgrounds

Modern and safe children's playgrounds have appeared recently in the Tyumen area. For large municipal formations it has been bought a little bit greater complexes with hills, every possible ladders, lianes, transitions. For small areas, complexes it is less. Such places for children's rest and entertainments intend for children from 4 till 11 years. And for the smallest on platforms characters from children's cartoon films are established. These figures are placed to the neighbourhood with sandboxes and a swing. In total in the Tyumen area it has been delivered 59 game children's platforms, completely corresponding STATE THAT the European Union.

admin May 26 2008 7:51:02 AM
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